通过新萄京娱乐, members negotiate their wages and conditions and fight for the professional and policy issues that matter to us. 作为工会运动的一部分, 我们与下列机构的伙伴关系, all share our values in being solely focused in achieving best outcomes for our union members — more reasons to become a financial 新萄京娱乐 member.


媒体超级 is the industry super fund for people working in the print, 媒体, 文娱及艺术界.

The 媒体超级 community reaches right across the country and brings together people of all ages and life stages in the print, 媒体, 文娱及艺术界. 从打印车间的地板上, 去一家大型日报的编辑部, 去好莱坞的星光大道, our members are the lifeblood of Australia’s creative and print manufacturing sectors.

As an industry fund run only to benefit members on a not-for-profit model, 我们在我们的行业中很活跃, promoting many things that will benefit members and employers. 我们支持各种专业发展项目, workplace education sessions and the development of financial literacy and understanding, 同时还赞助了许多行业奖项.

访问 媒体super.com.au


澳大利亚养老基金是澳大利亚最大的养老基金, 管理着大约3000亿美元的资产.截至2023年6月30日,会员达2,600万.
It’s our goal to help members reach their best possible financial position in retirement.  方法如下:

•  We’re run only for members — we don’t pay profits or dividends to shareholders, 所以我们赚的钱会回到基金里.
•  We provide access to education and advice options to help members create the future they want.
•  We focus on maximising investment returns over the long term*.

访问 www.australiansuper.com for more information on how AustralianSuper helps its members achieve their best possible retirement.

*投资回报不能保证. Past performance isn’t a reliable indicator of future returns.

阅读PDS和TMD australiansuper.com

澳超股份有限公司, Abn 94 006 457 987, AFSL 233788, 澳大利亚超级银行的受托人ABN 65 714 394 898.


成员的优势 provides you and your family with access to exclusive discounts on a range of quality lifestyle, 全年提供休闲和金融服务. 点击这里阅读更多.

The new 成员的优势 website has been re-designed to offer the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality while allowing you to see the full benefits range on offer.

简单的 点击链接  直接进入福利网站. Start enjoying your benefits now and don’t forget to bookmark it to your favourites!


All financial 新萄京娱乐 members are now protected from financial hardship if they are injured while travelling to and from work. Workers Compensation no longer provides workers with this type of cover in all states, 为什么新萄京娱乐的旅行保护保险是必不可少的. This valuable insurance is provided to 新萄京娱乐 members as part of their membership fees.

对于自由记者, 音乐家, actors and crew who work unusual hours in varied locations this type of cover will be particularly beneficial.

Some of the benefits include weekly benefits for injury resulting temporary total disablement, and temporary partial disablement; up to $1000 personal vehicle excess waiver and up to $500 for any cumulative loss of no claim allowance.

Download the insurance package 在这里, including the PDS and claim form.


版权代理 provides simple ways for people to reproduce, 分享的话, 图片和其他创意内容, 作为公平报酬的回报. In doing so, it connects the creators, owners and users of 版权 material.

版权代理 represents creators – including journalists – and publishers as their non-exclusive agent to license the copying of their works to Government, 教育机构, 商业及非牟利机构.


加入版权代理是免费的. 详情请浏览: www.版权.com.au 或免费电话1800 066 844.


As a union member, you can take advantage of the collective buying power of more than 1.8 million members to get big discounts from a great range of companies.

Access an even greater range of benefits by registering for our new secure 会员的好处 website. By registering your details below you will be amongst the first to get access a great range of offers available free to any union member.



欲知我们更多的访问: australianunions.org.au 或致电1300 486 466

Dwyer Durack律师事务所(西澳)

Dwyer Durack are one of Western Australia’s most respected and progressive law firms, 为不同的客户群体提供广泛的服务.

Dwyer Durack are offering 新萄京娱乐 members discounted legal services as outlined 在这里.

更多信息请联系info@dwyerdurack.com.Au或致电08 9289 9888

访问: www.dwyerdurack.com.au

莫里斯·布莱克本律师事务所(行为, 新南威尔士州, 维克)

新萄京娱乐 and Maurice Blackburn have a proud history of fighting for fair outcomes for 新萄京娱乐 members.

Your 新萄京娱乐 membership guarantees you the best legal advice with specialist knowledge of the industry, we can help you with matters relating to workers’ compensation, 交通事故伤害, 石棉疾病, 医疗过失, 会和退休金及保险索赔纠纷吗.

We provide a valuable range of benefits to 新萄京娱乐 members including a free first consultation, services provided on a no win-no fee basis (*conditions apply) and a free standard will for you and your spouse.

To order your free will kit and/or learn more about your entitlements call Maurice Blackburn today on 1800 810 812.


We’re Johnston Withers, a law and conveyancing firm in seven locations across South Australia.

超过75年, we’ve protected the interests and rights of South Australian families, 个人和社区.

你是否需要富有同情心的家庭法律建议, 无懈可击的遗嘱, 对受伤给予公平的补偿, 有经验的财产转让人或一般法律服务, 我们是来倾听的, 建议和支持你.


•我们的单身遗产规划套餐(遗嘱)折扣150美元, 授权书及预先护理指示)
•我们的夫妻遗产规划套餐(遗嘱)折扣200美元, 授权书及预先护理指示)
•  Free initial consultation on all personal injury, family and criminal law matters

找到我们更多的访问 johnstonwithers.com.au 或致电(08)8231 1110.


会员现在可以通过 澳大利亚工会会员福利网站,以满足各种保险需求. ISinsured delivers good-value, dependable insurance solutions that you can count on. ISinsured products include home and contents, car, investment property and landlord insurance. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement available from the ISinsured website for full details of the coverage available and the restrictions and limitations that apply under the policies.
满足你其他的一般保险需求, 包括旅游保险,有35%的折扣, 商业保险和职业赔偿保险, please contact IFS 保险 Solutions on 1300 768 118 (local call cost) or visit ifsinsurance.com.au