Friday, June 23rd, 2023
新萄京娱乐 Online

On Friday night, The Australian Ballet’s dancers are taking industrial action for the first time in over four decades and they need your support.

These proud members of the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance will be “holding the curtain” to delay the start of tonight’s performance of Identity in Melbourne as part of a campaign to future proof their earnings in a new enterprise bargaining agreement.

The Ballet’s management and board have refused yet again to keep dancers’ pay in line with the cost of living, affecting their financial security from 2023 onward.

Like most Australians, they’re fighting tooth and nail just to maintain a standard of living that ensures bills are paid and food is on the table.

A pay rise of just 1% and the axing of a decades-long commitment to keep pay in line with the cost of living will lead to a decline in real wages and threaten dancers’ financial security.

Please email the Ballet’s management and board to show them dancers’ financial security is important to you. There is a pre-filled message and it will take you less than a minute!